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Weeds remove

Madeley, Western Australia

Posted By: king, 22-08-2017 - 4 years ago

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Hi I like to get remove all weeds Please see attached pictures for reference We will provide garbage bags as you have to remove all the weed by hand or you can use your own equipment in case if you have Approx 4 to 5 hours job


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Job Activity

Jamy4 years ago
Hi! when do you need gardeners to remove the weeds, i and my partner are experienced gardeners,Thanks?

Hi Jamy can you do in it $120 and i will assign job to you

Tanika-lee4 years ago
I'll do it for $150

Jamy4 years ago
Yes i can do it for 120, when do you need it?

Jamy4 years ago
You can assign me and let me know when do you need to removes the weed,Thanks.