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For Customers:

Providing you the command to choose best for yourself, Service Guru ensures you an honest and genuine system. You just have to tell us your requirement and we'll provide you with the best and competitive price quotes for FREE. After selecting your price range, you can select a qualified tradie/business and pay the business directly as you normally do. There are no hidden costs.

For Service Providers:

You just have to sign up and list your business with ServiceGuru! There are no registration charges. ServiceGuru is a pay-per-quote system where you pay $4.95 per quote to send quotes to customers that are a good fit for your business. You only pay to quote, that’s it: we do not charge commission on jobs you complete or future jobs with the same customer and their referrals. You will get job notifications through text and email. We do not restrict you to any contracts and there are no surplus charges.

Special Offer:

For a limited time, when any Service Provider joins, we are offering $20.00 kickstart credit in their ServiceGuru account, which will keep them going for first 4 jobs. Please be aware that no GST invoice will be generated for first 4 jobs.

Service Guru
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